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Health Ministry warns against overuse of antibiotics #health #ministry #warns #against #overuse #antibiotics

RESOURCE: Mental Health Ministries: This website is dedicated to providing educational resources to help erase the stigma of mental illness in faith communities and to help congregations become caring congregations for persons living with a mental illness and their families. The site includes printer friendly media and print resources that can be adapted to the unique needs of each congregation. (excellent, I know the founder!)


Health Ministry orders withdrawal of dietary supplements…

Communities of faith are varied and diverse in their beliefs, traditions, missions, and membership, but they have one trait in common: congregations have built-in strengths for vibrant health ministries in an environment that invites a wide range of people to participate. No matter how varied and diverse the settings, health ministry pulls on a common …

I have been a subscriber to the Hallelujah Health Tip ever since I started using a computer � first with a library computer and now we have had our own computer for many years. My husband and I went through Health Ministry training in July 1997 and have

“The Health Ministry of Russia, supports the creation of crisis centers for pregnant women, where they can get professional counseling from social workers. We think that this is the most promising and humane way of reducing the number of abortions,” said Elena Baibarina, the head of the Health Ministry’s Department for Health Care for Children and Obstetric Aid, according to a RIA Novosti report.

Japan's Health Ministry is giving away official Sailor Moon Condoms for STI/STD awareness -