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Tumblr | Facebook She's finished! : ) I had so much fun working on this, I'm going to start doing a bunch of girls of different ethnicity all with flowers in their hair, make a bit of a series.&nbs...

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Hazel Levesque. She was GREAT in HoH! I was so glad that she got a big part! She and Frank both played HUGE parts! And people underestimated them...psh!

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You’re a witch, Hazel. I spent quite a lot of time on Hazel and then ended up not liking it as much as I liked the sketch=_= like I feel there’s too much going on or something, but who cares

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but i'm not good with directions and i hide behind my mouth, i'm a pro at imperfections and i'm best friends with my doubt

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Hazel Levesque, still the sweetest person because after doing all that she can still be kind and caring to others deserving of it

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