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Floral Sugar Skull New Sleep Tee Cover Up OSFA 4X Read Size Info

Images that share a same likeness can have very different meanings. A skull and crossbones in the United States is considered a hazard symbol, while in in Latin America it can symbolize the celebration of life during Day of the Dead ceremonies. It's a large enough difference that causes the symbol to not be used on hazardous waste materials in Latin America…

yep!ANA FINEL HONIGMAN´S INFATUATION WITH LOVED TO DEATH, in the spirit of the Victorians as they commonly made jewelry using hair and teeth of the person passed in times of mourning.


Stop using Ferric Chloride etchant! (A better etching solution.)

Stop using Ferric Chloride to etch. Here is an alternative solution that doesn't produce hazardous waste.

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Hazardous Waste Lesson with Power Point, Worksheet, and Signs Activity

petition: Say NO to The 5th Largest Creator of HAZARDOUS Waste! ELIMINATE STYROFOAM