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This pair of Mk. V Hawker Tempest's demonstrate the two different power plants tried out. Nearest is an experimental machine fitted with an annular radiator for its Sabre engine, while EJ 823 was a standard in service version with a Napier Sabre engine with the well known "beard" radiator.

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Stunning Aviation Art Reveals WWII Fighting That'll Never Be Seen Again

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Typhoons would be tremendous in their ground attack role, playing havoc with armour units in the Normandy region. © Crown Copyright


Hawker Tempest. Powered by a Napier Sabre engine that eventually produced 3500\BHP using 2 12 cylinder horizontally opposed engines, one on top of the other. The Tempest did what it said in the packet. It also shot down over 800 V1 rockets.

Rare wartime colour photograph of an unidentified Typhoon showing the black and white identification stripes under the wings

Winter at Volkel (Typhoon) ~ aviation art print by aviation artist Neil Hipkiss