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Obama really was born in Hawaii ?

This tells how Obama can "say" he was born in "Hawaii" when it was really Hawaii, KENYA - Just outside the GATES OF HELL!


Was Obama born in Hawaii... KENYA? This will amaze you... COINCIDENCE?..Hawaii, KENYA! Literally right outside of the "GATES OF HELL" No Joke. :) FOR REAL.

Favolaschia Calocera, commonly known as the Orange Pore Fungus, is a species of fungus in the Mycenaceae family. First observed in Madagascar, it has recently spread around the world and is now known from New Zealand,Italy, Australia, Hawaii,[Thailand, China, Kenya, Norfolk Island and Réunion Island. F. Calocera is a wood-inhabiting Saprotrophic fungus.


This is a little strange: I'm not into Disney, neither am I into princesses, however my first name is Maria and my second name IS Tanya... But my surname isn't "of Mexico"!

Infographic: How to get through your first long-haul flight - Matador Network
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Infographic: How to get through your first long-haul flight

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The Barack Obama Presidential Library

THE BARACK OBAMA PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY - [American Thinker] -- The George W. Bush Presidential Library is being dedicated and opened this week. This prompts a thought: what might the future Barack Obama Presidential Library look like? Libraries dedicated to presidents are a combination of shrines, archives, monuments and sites meant to inspire. Wherever the site, it is never too soon to start the planning. [...] 04/29/13 - ***A Good Read!!! LOL

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Tiare Hawaii | Kenya Tank

Kenya Tank by Tiare Hawaii on @nordstrom_rack

African newspapers have reported that Obama was born in Kenya, and Michelle has called Kenya “Barack’s home country.” His biographer reported that he was born in Kenya until the narrative was changed in April 2007 to say that he was born in Hawaii, two months after he had announced that he was running for president