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How to Make Economy Feel Like First Class

If you can't dish out the dollars for opulence every time, you can still do a few things to feel luxurious while flying. Here are 9 ways to make Economy feel like First Class.

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Travel Tip - Surviving 15 Hour Flights in Economy

Have you got a long haul flight coming up? Here are some great tips to help you through that long flight!


Liliʻuokalani (reigned 1891 to 1893), last queen of Hawaii before the monarchy was overthrown by a coalition of Americans and Europeans, leading to the end of the sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii and the annexation of Hawaii by the US

"Turning the Tide: The Recession in Hawaii" - An infographic by Tony @AlohaTony Kawaguchi.

"Turning the Tide: The Recession in Hawaii" - An infographic by Tony @AlohaTony Kawaguchi.


British Airways Avios are fantastic for short, direct, economy awards especially when you can fly a partner with no fuel surcharges. There are tons of times you would want to use Avios on your RTW trip. A partial list: West coast of United States to Hawaii Miami, Dallas, or New York to Latin America or Caribbean Intra-Latin America international flights Intra-Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador (including Galapagos), and Chile (including Easter Island) Intra-South Africa…

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How to sleep (really!) on your next long flight

Does counting sheep seem impossible for you while squashed up in economy class? There are a few tricks to making sure you catch some shut eye while travelling overseas. Here's how to sleep (really!) on your next long flight.