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85021 (E3076) light engine at Crewe on the 6th August 1988. E3076 was built at Doncaster Works, and entered service on the 20th April 1963. The loco became 85021 in Oct 1973 and was renumbered again during July 1989 to 85106. On the 15th Oct 1990 85106 caught fire, whilst hauling the 4M58 Southampton-Trafford Park Freightliner, near Soho, Birmingham, and was withdrawn on the 24th Oct as a result. The loco was cut-up at M.C. Metals, Glasgow, during Sept 1992.


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I thought I’d seen every old VW oddity, but doing a google image search for “VW pickup” brings up this gem. I knew that in the early days the VW factory built a number of specialized vehicles to transport bodies and things around the grounds. But this goose neck fifth wheel trailer rig hauling another Beetle takes the cake.


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No 70004 William Shakespeare, which was displayed at the Festival of Britain exhibition in 1951. Thereafter it was kept in immaculate condition for hauling the 'Golden Arrow' and other boat train services to the continent


felt bags...these are absolutely gorgeous when you cover around them with recycled jeans and embroidery!!! A good sturdy bag.


ANIMALS WAR 1914 - 1918 (Q 48445) Transport Animals: Dogs drawing carts containing machine guns and supplies of the Belgian army leave for the front line.