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I detest intentional, adult liars. Oh, a "small" falsehood is ok? Joke's on you. Where there's smoke there's fire. The narcissist can be so good at lying he can fool a spouse for decades.

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Your promises were lies. Your words meant nothing. Your vows and I love yous meant less than nothing. You are a liar and a coward.

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Liars deserve all the bad karma they get...when your life is held together by lies, don't be surprised when it unravels due to a slight breeze...

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So not someone I will continue to be close with. #riiiiight

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I Hate Liars Quotes Tumblr Truths quotes, drama quotes,

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liars quotes or sayings images | listen, lie, life, quotes, sayings, great | Inspirational pictures

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Narcissistic Abuse – Why Does It Take So Long to Heal?

You may not have liked my truths.. but I didn't lie.. YOU LIED horrible LIEs about Me to make others HATE me.. TRUTH PREVAILS! bitch.

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the truth is you never deserved me. Sadly, I'm only realizing that now after more than 30 years of life "together," if you want to call what we had a marriage.

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You Are a Liar Quotes | If lying was a job I Know someone who would be a billionaire,you too ?

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You outdone yourself in destroying trust with me...your efforts towards the destruction of anything worth building on or holding onto even is truly remarkable...remarkably toxic and scary to witiness.

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