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Regardless of the dimensions of your web site dropping your website knowledge or not with the ability to entry your personal web site is usually a nerve-wracking expertise. WordPress which powers greater than 25% of the Net is among the most focused web sites for hackers. Hardening WordPress Security: 25 Essential Plugins Tips Hardening WordPress Safety: 25 Important Plugins Ideas In case you are operating a WordPress-powered web site its safety ought to be your main concern. Typically…

Use MD5 hash to randomize hex color values in js/css

Generate MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512 hashes/checksums of a file.

MD5 Decrypter : How to Decrypt MD5 hash, MD5 password


Anatomy of a hack: even your 'complicated' password is easy to crack

Anatomy of a hack: even your complicated password is easy to crack (Wired UK)


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Archiviazione sicura delle password - Hash (MD5, RIPEMD, SHA), salt e Funzioni di derivazione. Cosa sapere per imparare a proteggersi.


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