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Gwenhwyfar "Gwenhwyfar, the Welsh Goddess, is believed to have existed as long as there has been surf to pound against rocky shores. Praised for her wise judgement, it was prophesied that no man could rule Wales without her by his side." She is also known as Guinevere, or Gueneva. Her name means "White Shadow" or "White One" which is another name for a Fairy Goddess. - Wiccan Moonsong

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Fairy Door Personalized 977 gnome hobbit elves

Fairy Door Personalized 977 gnome hobbit by FairyDoorsByTommie

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Now That Is Some Sensible Armor

Roman mask helmet, 1st 2nd century CE. These are often called 'parade' helmets for cavalry sports use, but it has been suggested that they were also used in combat. The psychological effect of being charged by one of these masked warriors would have been formidable. A living statue, god-like and terrifying.

Technically Lucy has the most experience with Narnia of the Pevensies. They really should listen to her.

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Fairy Door Personalized 1037 gnome hobbit elves