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Lynda's Recipe Box: How To Make Fresh Harvard Beets


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This Harvard Beet recipe is a great side dish to go with almost anything. It has a hint of sweet and beets are so healthy! If you haven't tried beets like this, you need too - they are THAT good! #sides #vegetables #beets


Harvard Beets for the Freezer (or Right Away)

Harvard Beets for the Freezer (or Right Away) from The only way to eat beets! When I harvest my beets in the fall I always make up a few batches of this for the freezer-they're just as good reheated and it's a wonderful quick veggie for winter! To prepare fresh beets, I cover them with water, cook for 30 minutes to an hour till tender, then peel and cube. This recipe is a Swedish family tradition. The long cooking time includes the time the beets need to marinate.


Aunt Ann's Harvard Beets Recipe


Stuffed At the Gill's: Harvard Beets are delicious cooked beets in a tangy sweet sauce. What a lovely and colourful, not to mention tasty, addition to any dinner plate. #Beets #Vegetables #SideDish


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OLD FASHIONED SWEET AND SOUR HARVARD BEETS are a holiday staple at my family’s table. A humble root vegetable turned into a vegetable sweet tart. The candy not the pastry. I try to use as many newly harvested vegetables as I … Continue reading →


Fresh Baked Harvard Beets

Harvard beets are especially good when you start with fresh beets and bake them. Does'nt take much longer than if you boil them and they're far more flavorful.


This is my Grandma's recipes for tangy, sweet Harvard Beets. I have tried other recipes, but none are as flavorful as hers.