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Harrying Of The North

The Harrying of the North. Gouache on paper, by Patrick Nicolle (1907–95). Private collection. (© Look and Learn/Bridgeman Images)

Richmond Castle's 12th century keep is 100 foot tall and towers above the town, Richmond In Yorkshire, England


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The harrying of the north. Two years after William the Conqueror defeated King Harold at Hastings, the north of England rose up against him. In a savage episode, William relentlessly devastated the countryside and slaughtered its inhabitants. From Look and Learn 883 (16 December 1978).


The History of Warfare: Norman Conquests - The Harrying of the North (dvd_video)

William the Conqueror and the Harrying of the North


Norman Conquests: The Harrying of The North (DVD)

Norman Conquests: The Harrying of The North

Now in paperback, the second novel in James Aitcheson’s breathtaking trilogy of the Norman Conquest of England sweeps readers into William the Conqueror's brutal campaign known as the Harrying of the North.