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For a second, i was like, wait, I know who this is who is this and then I looked at his lips. Hazza

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They're not all the same person. I refuse to believe that our little Harry Styles who worked in his small town bakery is an actor in a movie. I don't believe it. They aren't the same person. It's not possible. It can't be...

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This has to be my favorite pic even though I say that bout every other one lol, but he truly does look like the most beautiful human being in the world in this pic and I won't let other people's opinions tell me otherwise, harry is my angel my hero

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The Story Behind Harry Styles’s New Haircut

HARRY Styles recently left fans delighted when he showed off three dramatic haircuts on the cover of Another Man magazine. But the One Direction star showed which one he decided to stick to during a party in his honour.