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Harry Stykes

So I had to do this one project at school and It was guess who and I decided to be harry. So anyway, I failed. Literally failed. Like I went ALL out. I drew on every single one of his tattoos and I dressed EXACTLY like him.I went all out aaaaaaand I failed.We had to memorize an entire speech about them so that our classmates could guess who we were and I went up and forgot everything.Literally everything. I asked to start over and I skipped like half of the speech.It was horrible. Sorry…


Oh look at that its my life in a gif.<< my question is how is that girl sitting next to him and like not dying


Harry Styles' flying instructor killed in air crash of plane star flew

Close: Harry Stykes, 22, is a close family friend of late pilot Nick Jefferies after he on...

Harry stykes


HE HAS BOOBS IN FRONT OF HIM AND HE CLOSE HIS EYES I'M LAUGHING HE'S SO GAY>>> or maybe just a gentleman? Jesus people leave the poor boy alone》》also proves that being immodest won't get you anywhere with the boys which makes me happy :)>i cant even believe that she called him gay...... most guys i know WOULD be looking at her boobs.... makes me love him even more <3>> FAITH IN HUMANITY HAS BEEN RESTORED WITH HARRY STYKES❤️❤️


This is my boyfriend harry. My name is Emma and I am 20 years old harry and I are 2 years apart. We are not engaged yet but I do have a promise ring. He loves me a lot and I love him with all my heart. Hopin' for some little Harry and Emma's soon!!


Your killin me with this jersey Styles an dit ain't ok

Leaving for my 8th grade Washington, D.C. Trip today!!!!!!