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Hogwarts letter - Harry Potter - Project Life Journal Card - Scrapbooking ~~~~~~~~~ Size: 3x4" @ 300 dpi. This card is **Personal use only - NOT for sale/resale** Harry Potter/Hogwarts belong to JK Rowling/Warner Bros. Crest from *** Click through to photobucket for more versions of this card ***


I really want to slap whomever made this. I don't know any weak hufflepuffs so what the heck? Most slytherines know love, narcissa lied to voldemorts face because of her love for her son, regulus drank that potion and sent kreacher back, prof slughorn has a love for his students, even if it is slightly selfish. And gryffindors value bravery, loyalty is a sign of the Hufflepuff house. But I do know we ravenclaw a can be a little stuffed up sometimes.<-- pinning for that amazing comment

from Mail Online

The magic of Harry Potter: See inside the studios where the movies were filmed (and the biggest disappearing act will be £100 for a family ticket and a wand)

Harry Potter behind the scenes. Whoa!! Dobby and Kreacher are the best! Dumbledore's pet phoenix as it rises from the ashes, Peter Pettigrew in rat form! The monster book =) so awesome.