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Just repinning for that tag

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The Best Of #Harry Potter Lulz

Anyone who knows me knows that I love this. Neville was my absolute favorite character.>>>TEAM NEVILLE FOREVER! also "chuck norris's patronus is neville longbottom"

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Harry Potter Fanatic on

I don't keep it very secret how upset I still am that Snape got a child named after him.

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Drarry, Voldemort approves. I sense another awkward Dark Lord/Malfoy hug...I really hate drarry but this is hilarious just because of lucious at the end

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I wanna do something like this at school! See how many people sign up. <-- my school is lame. no one would sign up.

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the marauders and lily<<<I can just imagine Moony opening his suitcase while on holiday and finding the rest of the marauders there. James:Bloody hell finally do you know how long I've had to suffer through Sirius's jokes? Sirius:MY JOKES ARE AMAZING YOU'RE JUST TOO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND THEM! Peter:I think I'm stuck help.

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Harry Potter Quotes | Typographic Posters Available as prints, greeting cards, stickers, iPhone cases and iPad cases, and tshirts here

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The concept of Harry with a snakey companion has been fic'd if anyone wants to read it.. Not my work, but figured I'd share. oh and read the tags. It's a Drarry fic and pretty AU in case you prefer your fics more canon friendly.

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