My god, I want these so bad! I wish I didn't have flat feet... | Hand Painted Harry Potter Castle/ Hogwarts Shoes by YourSoleExpression @ Etsy

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Hand painted Harry Potter inspired minimalist Converse lows. (Unofficial) Shoes have various Harry Potter related images painted on, if theres any specific quotes/spells/character names you would like on the shoes instead of the ones in the pictures just send them along in a message when you order the shoes. every pair of shoes is made to order, so therefore may differ slightly from the picture. the shoes shown in the picture are cheaper branded canvas shoes, Converse are also available…

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I decided to dedicate my white sneakers to my favorite books/movies of all time: Harry Potter! I really like the outcome of it, and these are now my favorite shoes!

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Harry Potter Marauder's Map shoes! @Danielle Lampert Lampert Lampert Nelson you need these in your life!!!

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Tengo que comprar estos zapatos. Necesito comprar porque no puedo hacer. Quizás puedo recibir estos zapatos para Navidad.

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