Don't even try to argue with me: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger are THE best trio ever!

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It's like the photographer told them to look serious, and Emma and Daniel did that, but Rupert took too long going "I've got this guys."

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Loyal Daring Brilliant or Misunderstood | Harry Potter | Ron Weasley | Sirius Black | James Potter | Hermione Granger | Remus Lupin | Draco Malfoy | Severus Snape | I think Ginny should be there too, as Daring

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Hermione. The greatest heroine and role model of all time. She was brave, loyal, and a true Gryffindor. As Hagrid said, there isn't a spell our Hermione can't do.

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Ron & Hermione/ Rupert & Emma <3 I'm always so happy at every reminder that Ron and Hermione end up together!! :)

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Harry Potter - Hermione Granger - Ron Weasley - Lord Voldemort - Bellatrix Lestrange - Severus Snape

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