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This is true, and how has everyone thought of that.

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Star Wars 7: Skellig Michael filming ruffles a few feathers

Shoot First And Next. And Last. And try to squeeze in some shooting in between the shooting. The point is, shoot everything, all the time, especially if it's fucking Greedo. And try to do it first, that shit helps. Han Shot First

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Indiana Jones... my first real crush. Intelligent, quick witted, handsome, rugged.

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Birthday bonanza: rare images of Hollywood’s greatest stars

Star Wars’ Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill at the movie’s 1977 premiere.

Star Wars cast confirmed as Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford are back

She became a pinup thanks to the franchise: Carrie as Princess Leia in the 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi (left) and w...

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Sunday brunch (53 photos)

Harrison Ford. Looked pretty good back in the day, in Star Wars, and the first 3 Indiana Jones Movies.

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Indiana for ever. - i concur! where would be without this FAV??? Harrison Ford! Han Solo, Idana Jones, and the many numerous characters that he has played eg: The President of the USA in Airforce One! just a fantastic person and actore.... love you Harrison!

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aw, I never thought of it at this angle before. it makes me even more sad that luke won't be able to see han again since he died on the starkiller base. :(

WRONG!!!!!!!! The first picture greedy actually shot first. You can see it in slow motion. << nope that was in the remake. Han shot first in the original they just changed it to make him seem more heroic

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