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The Academy Awards through the years

Harold Russell holds his two Oscars. Best supporting actor for The Best Years of Our Lives, which is a real gem of a movie, about three WWII vets relearning life at home among civilians....


Harold Russell, he was training in the Paratroopers 1944, while handling TNT it exploded in his Hands. He lost both hands. In 1946 he was asked to be in the movie,"The Best Years of Our Lives" (as Homer Parish) For his role he received 2 Oscars, for best supporting actor and one for being an inspiration to all recruiting Veterans. He was the only actor to win 2 Academy Awards for the same performance


"The Best Years of Our Lives". Myrna Loy, Frederic March, Dana Andrews, Teresa Wright and Virginia Mayo. Directed by William Wyler, 1946


William Claude Rains was an English stage and film actor whose career spanned 46 years. (The Invisible Man, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Lawrence of Arabia, Casablanca) 1989-1967


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Harold Russel / Born: Harold John Russell, January 14, 1914 in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada / Died: January 29, 2002 (age 88) in Needham, Massachusetts, USA / in "The Best Years of Our Lives" 1946, age 33. #actor

The Best Years of Our Lives - 1946 - Harold Russell, Dana Andrews