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Each September the Soil Association celebrate Organic September, a month that is dedicated to promoting the switch to an organic lifestyle from everyday essentials to organic beauty products. The term "organic" was rarely used up until a few years ago when the unhealthy lifestyle of drinking and smoking had well and truly lost its glamour. A glamour that was born in an era when their harmful effects were either unknown or vastly underestimated.

We all know smoking is bad right? If you don’t want to smoke and are looking for another way to get high without any of the harmful effects associated with smoking then why don’t you try out these home-made THC pills?

from the Guardian

A very dolce vita: Claudia Cardinale in pictures

Advertisers often use sex to promote their products, even if the product has little or nothing to do with sex. In the tobacco industry, sex was used to get the subject away from the harmful effects of tobacco and on to something more appealing. The same goes for ads today.

from Business Insider

The Worst Men's Magazine Ads From The '60s and '70s

Following the 1967 law requiring cigarette companies to warn consumers about the harmful effects of smoking, this 1975 ad features a surgeon general's warning.

from Healthline

The Lowdown on High-Protein Diets

A Diet of Animal Protein Could Be as Harmful as Smoking