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cuba, havana, aampo hernandez painting, hotel conde de villanueva (3153-656311 / W262991 © Marka)


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Langston Hughes - prominent figure during the Harlem Renaissance and one of my favorite poets. #blackhistorymonth


"Lift Every Voice and Sing" sculpture was designed as a temporary installation in the 1939 World's Fair, by Harlem Renaissance artist and sculptress Augusta Savage. This piece stood 16 feet tall. Sadly, like many fair displays it was destroyed at the close of the event. Thankfully we have this photo, that the whole world can enjoy it now and forever.

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Elizabeth Catlett (April 15, 1915 – April 2, 2012)


A gifted sculptor, Florida-born Augusta Savage fought poverty, racism and sexism to become a prominent figure in the Harlem Renaissance, the period of African-American cultural outpouring in New York City during the 1920s and '30s. Her extraordinary talent opened many doors that led to her becoming one of the most influential black teachers of her time and a strong voice for civil rights for blacks.


Adelaide Hall Born in the US she recorded "Creole Love Call" in 1927 with Duke Ellington, appeared with Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, at the Cotton Club, in the "Stormy Weather Review" and at the Apollo. Part of the Harlem Renaissance; she moved to Paris and then London in 1935. She made 70 records for Decca. She is in the "Guinness Book of World Records" as the WORLD'S MOST ENDURING ARTIST. She performed at Carnegie hall at the age of 91. Her career ended in 1993 when she passed at the age of…


Augusta Savage was a famous sculptor of the Harlem Renaissance. This sculpture is known as "Gamin". It is actually a bust inspired by her nephew. This piece earned her a big break in the art industry


This selective piece of art "Into to Bondage"was created by the Harlem Renaissance artist Aaron Douglas in 1936. Aaron Douglas portrayed slavery as a reminder to African Americans and where they started from.