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Hareem Meaning

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The mystical bija/seed sound "HAREEM" is the pranav/cosmic principle of success and represents the divine energy of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari. Mantra chanting can help you tune into the cosmic frequency to increase your potentiality to accumulate fulfillment and achievement.


Tulumba أصابع زينب Known as Tulumba in Turkey this dessert is also famous all over the Middle East. In Arabic countries the dessert is called Asabe' Zeinab literally meaning Zeinab's fingers! These look great on a dessert buffet as well as served stacked on a cake stand.

Dancing Odalisque. Eugen Ansen-Hoffmann (Austrian, 1862-1955). Oil on canvas. The word “odalisque” is French in form and originates from the Turkish odalık, meaning “chambermaid." If an odalık was of extraordinary beauty or had exceptional talents in...


The importance of coffee in Turkish culture is evident in the words 'breakfast', kahvaltı, whose literal meaning is "before coffee" and 'brown', kahverengi, whose literal meaning is, "the color of coffee".

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