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Brita 23.7 Ounce Hard Sided Water Bottle with 1 Filter -- More info could be found at the image url.

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In a water treatment system, the order of the individual systems often is very important to maximize the effectiveness of the whole system’s well water treatment. At Clean Water Systems, our Water Specialists receive a lot of questions regarding advice on this issue. A system installed to treat iron-rich water that is high in hardness, should be set up according to this schematic diagram. Read more…

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H2O Concepts - treats water for the home; no chemicals; if your family is tired of dealing with all the negative consequences of hard water but doesn’t want to deal with the hassles and side effects of salt and potassium-based water softeners, H2O Concepts has a patented, proven and certified alternative to water softeners for you.

Whole House Fluoride & Chlorine Removal Water Filtration System Complete with Hard Water Protection & Kinetic Water Energiser - H3O2

Hard Water: How It Might be Ruining Your Hair and Skin (and What to Do About It)

Do you know the effects that hard water has on your hair? It can be extremely damaging to your locks, but we'll help you out! Here's how to take care of your hair and prevent the damaging effects of hard water.

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How To Save Your Hair From Hard Water

Statuette of Have the Best Shower Filter for Hard Water to Achieve not only Comfortable Bathe but the Stylish One

Previous pinner: GREAT for your hair if you have hard water... This is one of my favorite shampoo and conditioner lines!

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Water #Softener Systems- If your household is plagued with hard water, a #water softener system is a must. Softer water can help keep your shower walls and doors free of hard water stains and help make your hair and skin look their best.

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Crucial Hard Water Filter