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Bausch and Lomb Boston Simplus flight pack. If you are travelling, especially flying, then a smaller pack of your contact lens care solution is an excellent idea. Bausch and Lomb Boston Simplus is a one bottle cleaning solution which cleans, disinfects and conditions gas permeable lenses or hard contact lenses.


There are three kinds of people…

There are three kinds of people…I shouldn't be finding joy in this because I can't actually tell what it is.


Pokemon Contacts

Show that you're the ultimate Pokemon die-hard fan with the Pokemon contacts. These intriguingly designed contacts are great for costumes and turn your eyeballs into small and freaky looking Pokeballs more rare than the Master Ball. Buy It Concept via STORENAME


These are crazy OLD! Vintage Glass Contact Lenses Boxed Haptic Lens Vintage Glass Contact Lenses in Original Leather Velvet Lined Box & Rubber Suction Device. These large hard contact lenses from 1940 were called 'haptic' or 'scleral' lenses because rested only on the sclera or white outer portion of the eye. Box and lenses in very good vintage condition; the rubber suction device has hardened over time. Box measures 3 1/4" X 1 5/8" and the lenses are about 7/8" round.