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I love this and there is only one person in this world who knows the value of this statement.....unfortunately....I haven't spoken to this person in 7 know who you are :) This makes me smile!


Sean Hannity: People Don’t Need ‘Fake News’ Corporate Media Anymore -

from National Review

Krugman: Obama One of the Most Successful Presidents in American History

Via President Barack Obama will not be satisfied until every American who wants work can find a job. That’s why he is working to grow our economy, so middle class families feel confident in their futures and their children’s futures.

1 wtf? Did she say that? - I'm pinning this because I can't believe that this woman actually said this. I seriously did not believe that someone more vile than Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Rush Limburgh, Sean Hannity et al. could be given airspace - but it seems that that someone exists. Go hide back under your rock.


He won the nomination because not only was the GOP afraid of Ted Cruz, but the democrats were, too, and came out in droves to vote for trump to ensure Cruz didn't get it.

from Mail Online

The Latest: Trump apologizes for crude comments about women

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, center, and retired Gen. Keith Kellogg, right, listen as Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., speaks during a national...

Russell Brand v Sean Hannity. What Russell is basically summing up here is why a certain news channel should be called Sux News.