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Hannibal - Season 1: Bloodless Edition! Art Print

Hannibal - Season 1: Bloodless Edition! Art Print WHY ARE THESE MURDERS SO UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE

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Murder Husbands and Cute Doggies, just about sums up Hannibal. by ixilecter
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So I found this moment funny for a much deeper reason than the joke. What he is saying is clearly a play on the phrase commonly spoken by Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk, a character who was once played by Edward Norton who ALSO played Will Graham in Red Dragon. #Hannibal

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Mads the juggler. #Hannibal I do not remember this scene!?! Looks like I have to rewaatch seasons 1 and 2 to find it :)

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Hannibal Will ~ Sanity / This had me crying! With laughter. Oh man...there is something wrong with all of us. #Fannibals

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