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Hannah Montana Games

Soooo agree pinner said: really miss the Disney I grew up with- With Lizzie McGuire, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, That's So Raven, Hannah Montana, Suite Life on Deck, Phil of the Future...AND THE DISNEY CHANNEL GAMES! I miss the Disney Channel Games-what ever happened to those?


I played every single one of these! And the LILO and Stitch game was played daily. For hours. Don't judge me!


Very uncomfortable<< laughed to way hard at this!! 《 Maybe he thought he was at a Hannah Montana concert..

from Polyvore


LOL... HAHAAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS SOOOOO FUNNY....and true....// I love finding hilarious posts, but I hate it when I find them in Study Hall. Everyone thinks I'm insane


I would have the worst anxiety through the whole episode. Wondering who's going to live and die.


half the people pinning this, are 12 years old>> Okay, let me tell you a thing. Old Disney channel was MY CHILDHOOD. That's So Raven, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Kim Possible, Hannah Montana, ALL THOSE SHOWS. AND NOW THEY'VE RUINED IT WITH TALKING DOGS WITH BLOGS AND I CANNOT HELP BUT TO FEEL SORRY FOR THESE 12 YEAR OLDS NOW THAT PIN THINGS LIKE THIS. THEY CAN NEVER HAVE THE CHILDHOOD I DID AND I FIND THAT SAD.>> TRUTH!!!


9 - 11 = warrior cats. 11-12 = hunger games, divergent and mortal instruments 12-13 = now here's where it gets interesting. naruto, bleach, SnK, fairy tail, death note, ao no exorcist 14 = TOKYO GHOUL ALL THE WAY