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Hand Sander

I use cardstock covered in tape for a resist. I use a thin layer of cormo wool and angora goat curls for the fins.Rather like cobweb felt. I only put the fiber on one side of the fins. This creates a few openings in the body to get the resist out. I put the "fish" in a clear plastic bag and use an electric hand sander until the felt is sticking together and the resist is soggy. Then I pull the resist out and continue felting by hand. If the openings around the fins don't clo


Some of my favorite Jil Sander ads

jil Sander - The combination of the wild hair with peaceful expression and gesture make this photograph look and feel like it was taken under water. The image almost conveys white noise. I love the combination of peace and frenzy. Feels like a freeze frame instead of a photograph. Like this was part of a moving film.