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Hana Sushi

Vogue Eats: Sakura At Sake No Hana. I think the consistency in design works well from the glass backlit counter frontage to the lighting feature above it. This is further enhanced with to use of the pastel green/pink colour palette


Adopt one? ADOPTEDBlue one is Sushi he loves eating. pink one is Hana she is very sweet. ADOPTEDYellow is Oreki he is stubborn and sarcastic. ADOPTEDOrange one is Sun he is very rude and funny. Green is Mochi he likes chilling and relaxing. ADOPTEDPurple is Kiki she is very shy and gentle. And if u adopt a starfish u can name it. ADOPOTEDGolden starfish, ADOPTEDpink starfish and yellow starfish.

from Tiny Prints Blog

Playing with Your Food: Sushi Art

Sushi Art. One of the most fun blogs I've ever read!Try this with you rkids.

from Omnivore's Cookbook

Real Deal Sesame Noodles

These real-deal Chinese sesame noodles are way better than takeout. This post teaches you how to use secret ingredients to make the sauce addictively tasty.

from Hip Foodie Mom

Spicy Tofu Roll

The Spicy Tofu Roll! Filled with raw vegetables and pan-fried tofu and a spicy sauce, this is the perfect spicy roll for vegetarians! #sushi #rolls #DIY #tofu #asianfood


Japanese sushi dish blue and white china, rectangular, 23cm long. **X8 available to hire** (Stock code;- PLAO10027)