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If You Sit All Day, You Need to Be Doing These Stretches

If You Sit All Day, You Need to Be Doing These Stretches | POPSUGAR Fitness UK


IMG_0208 Foam roller ham string stretch

from Nutrition Twins

Hamstring Curls

TIGHT, TONED, JIGGLE-FREE BACK OF THE LEGS | EASY Hamstring Curls with GREAT RESULTS | Gets the hamstring & booty TIGHT! | Enjoy :) For MORE EXERCISES and RECIPES please SIGN UP for our FREE NEWSLETTER


My hamstrings and I have had a long and troubled relationship. Here’s what I’ve discovered on the road to functional hamstrings, along with a video of my very favorite hamstrings lengthening stretch.


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Located at the back of the thigh, taking care of your ham strings may improve posture, increase flexibility, reduce back pain, and prevent injury. Hamstring Stretch: Base leg (standing leg) is slightly bent, hinge forward at hips keeping back straight, stretch as far as possible (without pain) and hold a minimum of 20 seconds.


Tonight’s workout was a challenge and my feet were screaming after the normal 20 minute walk with the dog, then 10 minutes at the gym on the elliptic and 40 minutes with weights and machines. Finished that workout with ham string stretching and then (Enjoy a rewarding career doing what you love, but as an NASM Certified Personal Trainer)