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Ham Radio Practice Test

from The Daily Cupcake

Morse Code Day

morse code chart


Free ham radio flash cards, practice tests, and question pools as well as introduction to ham radio and explanations for questions.

3 Ham Radio Practice Test

Ham Radio practice test for getting your license


Become a Ham Radio Operator - an 11 part series on getting your license and becoming operational - Thoughts from Frank and Ferm

Free Amateur Radio Test Preparation - The Fastest Way To Become A Ham Radio Operator - - Free Amateur Radio Practice Tests -

Ham radio study materials, exam questions, and tutor.

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Yaesu Ham Radio Satellite phones are still very expensive and not really set up for the general public yet.   After two nights of studying, practice tests, and an easy exam, we ended up with a ham radio.  We went with a Yaesu 7800 ham radio that is mounted in the camper with a five-foot fold-down antenna on the roof of the camper.  We now have a means of communication when the cell phone signal is non-existent.  In addition, we get accurate and up to date weather reports everywhere we…