Free ham radio flash cards, practice tests, and question pools as well as introduction to ham radio and explanations for questions.

This is fun, believe it or not. You get a chance to do some volunteer work and meet amazing people. Get your ham radio license today and learn more than you can imagine!

Free Amateur Radio Test Preparation - The Fastest Way To Become A Ham Radio Operator - - Free Amateur Radio Practice Tests -

Ham Radio - An Elmer's Guide A long tradition, since the beginning of radio, has been for amateur to assist newcomers in getting thier license. Nobody knows for sure why, but the one teaching ahs always been referred to as an "Elmer". That said, I am creating this page to assist as a study aid. Study the material I post, and take the practice tests at and you should pass your tech test with ease.

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heart 1 General class Ham Radio practice tests, ham radio flash cards, and ham radio question pool.

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