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Bunny: You're dad is in town. And he wants to see you. (4x08)


William Julien Courtauld Born in 1870 in the family that founded Courtaulds Ld, He inherited his family’s puritan ethics of sharing one’s good fortunes with the community. He bequeathed a charitable fund to help those in need of medical support in his home district of Braintree. As a Baronet, county councillor and High Sheriff, he appeared to be an austere and reserved man, but he showed many acts of kindness. During the Great Depression, he hired a large gang of workers to widen the roa...

Halstead: "I was worried that hole you were digging was gonna be too deep." Lindsay: "I was lucky I had a lot of people reaching in to pull me out." (3x04)


Gosfield is a village in the Braintree district of Essex, England. It is located around two miles west of the town of Halstead. Places of note include the following: Gosfield Hall: a country house and Grade I listed building, dating back to 1545. Gosfield School: an independent school.

Wear Gertrude Davis went to school & Minnie Maude McMillan Blevins was hospitalized in the psych hospital. Halstead Hospital, a vacant 400,000-square-foot building in the town of about 2,000 people, is behind on taxes and in danger of going derelict. The building owner owes $440,000 in back taxes and is trying to appeal the case in court.