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Halstead Town FC. I played for them, when I was much younger.

This reminds me sooo much of Cordelia and Wiliam when they first meet! Only the girl needs to have black hair.........

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Guitar Lessons • The Combination Scale • Theory, Scale Positions and Fingering • Video Lessons

Blues Guitar Licks • The Minor And Major Pentatonic Combination Scale


Old Chicago Photographs - Page 27 - SkyscraperCity

National Tea Co. Grocery Stores - was my first grocery store in Chicago; my first boss in Chicago worked for many years; a new friend I now have also worked there at the same time! Coincidences!

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Tour De Ste Genevieve

st genevieve missouri | Step back into the fascinating world of an authentic 18th CenturyLearn about Ste. Geneviève's historic past. French colony

The International Amphitheatre - Scene of the 1968 Democratic Convention & where I saw the Rolling Stones several years later.