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45+ Examples of DIY Halloween Makeup

Vampire inspired Halloween makeup. Vampires will never be forgotten on Halloween and this is the perfect look that you can go for with your vampire costume. The color combination of black and red blushes makes a good resemblance to blood and veins running through the body in a creepy way.


5 Spooky Recipe Ideas for a Gruesome Halloween Spread

Whether it’s dastardly decorations or creating a truly gruesome costume, Halloween parties are an excuse to let your imagination run wickedly wild. But don't confine the spookiness to outfits and props,...


3 Easy No Costume-Costumes Using One Piece of Makeup

A polyester Cinderella gown or a cat's tail can cost you upward of $50, it's time to get acquainted with a few sexy and creepy costumes that aren't only easy on your debit card, but also allow you to dress in chicer attire — like an LBD, leather jacket and miniskirt, or a jumpsuit. Your magic wand for the month will be eyeliner! All types of liner can be used to replicate these looks.


Zombie Bride getting ready for zombie walk, 2015. Makeup and costume by Leyla Mitchell, photography by Ally Jean.