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shortcuttothestars: So ready for Krigslive: Valhal, the LARP I’m going to this weekend! I’ll be gone from tomorrow till Sunday, fighting and drinking like the old Gods wanted it!EDIT: Yes, this is real chainmail and real metal bracers. This costume weights about 15kg/34lbs


Baron Llywellyn de la Rhoyce. Human Paladin of St. Solaire (patron of light). Lawful Good. One of only two barons to remain neutral in the de Lacy/Cour de Leon feud. The only leader trusted by both factions to command the combined Alegraean forces in the Shelmasian War.


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The Battle of the Bulge: Yoga to Get Rid of a Muffin Top

Side Toning Sequence: Downward Dog, Three-Legged Dog, Warrior 1, Warrior 3 (pictured), Warrior 2, Half-Moon, Open Triangle, Revolved Side Angle, Sage, Boat, Head-to-Knee A

FAIRY - A1081358 - - Brooklyn Please Share: ***TO BE DESTROYED 07/19/16***Thirteen week old Fairy was brought into the shelter system with a half dozen littermates. He and the rest of his posse were already altered by the finder when they arrived at the Brookyn Center. Fairy is a bit perplexed by his current situation; but, is doing fairly well in the shelter system. Unfortunately, he caught the dreaded shelter cold and now he must make a fast exit. Fairy needs a Fairy

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HALF PRICE! OOAK Graphic 45 Steampunk spells miniature Halloween magic spells potions cabinet