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Toussaint Louverture (1743 – 1803) Leader of the Haitian independence movement during the French Revolution, who emancipated the slaves and briefly established Haiti as a black-governed French protectorate. by eve


NY drug trial starts for two nephews of Venezuela's first lady

The drug trafficking trial of two nephews of Venezuela's first lady got under way in Manhattan Tuesday, with the leftist government in Caracas saying they were essentially framed. Efrain Antonio Campo Flores, 30, and Francisco Flores de Freitas, 31, were arrested in Haiti in November and flown to

Indoor and Parade Colonial Nyl-Glo Haiti Government Flag with Fringe-Assorted Sizes

President Florvil Hyppolite was credited for many infrastructure accomplishments during his short government in Haiti. One of them is the establishment of telephone lines. #haiti #1890s #president #floreville #hyppolite #art

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GOVERNMENT: The current president of Haiti is Michel Martelly. This picture shows Michel hugging a local Haitian. Presidents in Haiti have one five-year term. Also, in order to be president you need to be 35, and you had to have lived in Haiti for five years before the election. Haiti's government is a democracy, just like the U.S.


The Parsley Massacre [also referred to as El Corte (the cutting) by Dominicans and as Kouto-a (the knife) by Haitians] was a government-sponsored genocide in October 1937, at the direct order of Dominican President Rafael Trujillo who ordered the execution of the Haitian population living in the borderlands with Haiti. The violence resulted in the killing of 20,000 ethnic Haitian civilians during approximately five days.