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I wear my hair like this and people make fun of it, but hey its grunge as fuck and cute on me they are all just jealous haters <3


I think this will be about my shade right now. And I have a Har-thingie just like that that says "Joy," which I intend to wear a LOT!!!


The haircloth goes over the chest area to provide extra shape and firmness. Both hair cloth and hair canvas contain hair from the manes and tails of horses. This makes them very pliable and easily shaped under steam pressure and it retains this shape after pressing. The difference between the two is the amount of hair in the fabric and the hair cloth has about 5 times as much hair. You probably have heard of doing penance by wearing a "hairshirt". The hair is more like wire than thread…

from Berry

Dropping some dye on that hair (28 photos)

Hey I'm Lily, I'm 17 from the uk 😊 I consider myself to be a very down to earth girl; you can decide that for yourself. I'm always here for you all and, If you ever need any advice please feel free to inbox me 💗🌸

from Etsy

Fabric Doll Rag Doll Light Brown Haired Boy in Plaid Shorts