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from JBHomemade - Organic Sugaring and Skincare

Introducing my brand new unique Natural Sugaring Catalog!

I invite you to learn how to do sugaring yourself and save yourself soo much $$! One sugaring session at a salon can run up to $180 PER LEG! (Most salons that I've encountered use the professional brand (they sell ONLY to salons) Alexandria Professional). Here is an example of a menu at a salon in Nashville called Euphoria Salon (The ONLY salon in my area that offers sugaring at this time). Learning to perform the method of sugaring is truly easier than one would think. The cooking…

The 10 Best Ever Natural Mole/Wart Removal Methods from Home


Pure Aloe is included in all sugaring orders I am prepping your Aloe samples for 43 orders today! Thank you for all of your support! Here's to our newest Sugaristas! Start sugaring today! Natural hair removal at a fraction of the cost and pain compared to waxing Beneficial to the skin - and NO ingrowns! Fresh #Natural #Sugaring is the kindest hair removal method to your skin. This kind sugaring paste leaves your skin feeling wonderful free from irritations! No skin stains No risk of burning…


The popularity of baking soda is increasing every single day, as scientists come up with new findings regarding its healing power and wide range of uses. Baking soda has multiple purposes, but have you ever considered using it to remove unwanted hair from your bikini area? We give you a super simple home method, and […]

from Mamabee

Kiss Your Facial Hair Goodbye With This Amazing Natural Mixture

This Natural Recipe Will Make Your Facial Hair Disappear Forever


These natural products will help you to remove the coarse growths on the soles and will contribute to the acquisition of a more smooth and soft skin. Here's how you can make home method for effective removal of calluses from feet. Ingredients: Lemon Onion

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