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The Virus of Idolatry - Comparative Idolatry: The French government regards Scientology as a “cult” rather than a “religion” – but as soon as you start to nail down the differences between cults, sects and religions you run into trouble. > > Chosen People" Idolatry - Mutilating the Manhood: Circumcision demonstrates total submission to Yahweh (or Allah), symbolized by the mutilation of the manhood. In fact, it is submission to the gods' evil ambassadors on earth. > > > > . Click image!


Je vous salue, Marie. Hail Mary in French. Purchased in Paris in a Catholic store. Photo by Leslie Anneliese.

Large Antique Virgin Mary statue in french nordic shabby style with vintage rosary and hand made crown

Large Antique Virgin Mary statue in french nordic by ShabbyHaus, $155.00may crowning inspired French shabby French Nordic Jeanne d arc living inspired Virgin Mary Madonna Blessed Mother statue Catholic art icon statue figure sculpture pink gold crown of roses


In prayer, bathing under a sacred waterfall during a Saut-D’Eau pilgrimage in Ville Bonheur, 60 miles north of Port-au-Prince. Saut-D’Eau, French for waterfall, is a the three-day holiday honoring Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and closely related to Erzulie Dantor, a Vodou spirit, associated with water and sometimes also portrayed as the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel. • So very pleased to share my latest project, @bridging.stories, here on Instagram. Thank you so much for...

Here is my clear enunciated recording of the Hail Mary in French "Je vous salue Marie" - recorded at a slow and normal speed.

The New Orleans Cocktail Bucket List

The New Orleans cocktail bucket list pictured: Kingfish The Pimm's Cup - French Quarter : Thrillist New Orleans


Sable du Mont Saint Michel véritable - France collier petite bouteille fiole / beach in a bottle / prière / archange / ex voto / croix

Really sand from Mont Saint Michel France, Normandy, France (beach in a bottle). Sable du Mont Saint Michel véritable France collier par exvotodei #beach #in #bottle #religious #necklace #jewelry #crucifix #virgin #mary #archangel #st #michael #saint #cross #jesus #christ #french #exvoto #sand #Saint #Michael #Mount #st #michel #mont #normandie #normandy #france #virgin #mary #collier #pendentif #medallion #bijoux #religieux


How charming this is... I could put some of the old linens on this. Maybe I need a whole room of lace. David would say "NO!"