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The Awakening

Persephone. In Greek mythology, Persephone (pronunciation: /pərˈsɛfəniː…


HADES (Roman PLUTO) was the God of the Underworld and the Dead, he was not the God of Death, as many people falsely believe. Since he lived in the darkness, Hades developed a rather morbid personality, which was not much liked by the other Gods or humans.

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Stunning Portrait Illustrations by Anna Dittmann

The Unique Illustration Styles of Anna Dittmann


Hades, ruler of the Underworld and brother to Zeus and Poseidon ~ When Hades and his other siblings finally overthrew their father Kronos in the Titan War, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades all drew straws on who would get what. Zeus got the sky, Poseidon got the sea, and Hades got the underworld. He is not considered an Olympian since he was banished from his brother's court on Mount Olympus. Husband to Persephone (goddess of springtime). Roman name: Pluto


I think it's funny how Zeus is made to look like this nice guy and stuff, but he had more children with other women than his wife. He should've been the god of the unfaithful husbands.