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17 Movie Posters Redesigned With Better Titles

MATRIX (1999). Larry i Andy Wachowski. Potser vivim somiant sense saber-ho? La resistència a l’engany, discernir què és real i que no ho és... Somni o veritat? #recomanacions #cinemaimes #filosofia. Consulteu la disponibilitat a:*cat/?searchtype=X&searcharg=MATRIX+++dvd+&searchscope=125&sortdropdown=-&SORT=DZ&extended=0&SUBMIT=Cerca&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=XUN+HOMBRE+DE+LA+ETERNIDAD+++dvd+%26SORT%3DDZ

from Mail Online

Hacker demonstrates how simple it is to access your information

Notorious former hacker reveals how criminals can steal your details in just THREE easy steps when you connect to public Wi-Fi Video shows how exposed your personal details are to cyber criminals Tools so accessible school students can download systems and hack Jetstar and Suzuki listed as being suspected of a major cyber breach Hackers monitored Australian satellite company Newsat for two years Australian government, defence department and other networks hacked Read more…

from Lifehacker

The Nine Types of Intelligence Every Person Has

Psychologist Howard Gardner asserted that we actually have “multiple intelligences,” and this infographic sums them up: naturalist, musical, logical-mathematical, existential, interpersonal, bodily-kinesthetic, liguistic, intra-personal, spatial. | Kristin Wong, lifehacker

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Some Really Useful tips to Being More Productive

In-home parties are pretty awesome. You get to meet new people and sell product…

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Photo (1000 Life Hacks)

Life Hacks #1870 Accidentally type with caps on? IN word, shift+F3 will change anything from capt to no caps and vice versa! Great advice tips to know.