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i love gymnastics and i dont do it but i really love it i can do crab, kinda do cartweel, flip, and i can kinda do splits.

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QI Of The Day: If you had unlimited people who were very flexible what word would you make? Comment down below for a shout out in my next post

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Female Gymnastic Workouts

I love gymnastic because this sport is very fun. You always have to improve your moves and be very strong.I wish I could be more flexible.

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Ellie Goulding goes pink

Rhythmic Gymnastics- I seriously feel like my life is such a waste because I will never be able to do this

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Go to a bunch of fun places in Lincoln this summer, take a picture in the same gymnastics pose in each location, but a collage together of all of the pictures at the end of the summer.

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Maybe I will do this with my sister at the beach this summer! @panda13lover

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