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DIY Balance Beam for $30 or Less

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How to Make a Gymnastic Practice Mini Bar at Home (under $40!) ~ includes PLANS, materials list and step-by-step instructions (and pictures!)

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Gymnastics is My Life Package - tumbling incline mat gymnasts handstand - Tumbl Trak - Gymnastics, Cheerleading and Dance Equipment. Great for developmental team up to beginning optionals and xcel gymnasts. The equipment in this package allows a gymnast to fine tune their skills (cartwheels on the beam, circles on the bar, etc.) at home safely. This versatile package includes a bar, beam, incline, Handstand Homework, sliders for conditioning and appropriate matting. #tumbltrak #awesomesauce

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Gymnastics Equipment For Practicing At Home (I'm willing to make a balance beam with a 4x4 and two cinder blocks, and maybe throw a few couch cushions on the floor as a mat, but it's nice to know there are other options for those who aren't as crafty as me lol!!!)

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Here is one of my FAVORITE no equipment at home workouts for when I want to target my glutes and continue building myself a booty. It's been a long time just getting this far with my backside and there's no way I'm stopping now. Of course heavy weights are always a plus when it comes to building strength and muscle, but when you don't have access to a gym or are crunched for time this at home workout is a perfect substitute. Print it out, pin it, write it down, do what you want with it, b...

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