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I'd love to visit hogwarts but only for a year and no magic, no. To travel with the doctor is my wish but I would want to remember it too so no. Yellow, no. Shadowhunter, no. Maybe blue because I would have demigod powers. Maybe purple too because Sherlock is bae. I wouldn't want to die but to die a hero like Tris would be a privilege so maybe pink. Black, no.


No no no no no no no. This is clearly a picture of a bunch of guys trying to give their friend Picasso some inspiration. Duh.


This isn't completely true. Your all on about 'the youtubers' as in zoella, pointlessblog, Tyler Oakley and all those other people who only care about money. There are loads of amazing youtubers, you just won't accept them because they wear eyeliner, they are emo, they listen to emo music, they are all 'depressed emo idiots who should cut their wrists and kill them selves.' Johnnie guilbert, Bryan stars, Jordan sweeto, Alex dorame, jeydon wale, Eugenia, Damon fizzy, Shannon, kyle David hall,

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This is so true<<< Same with sports. "It's a guy thing" they say. "You can't do it. Your a girl." That's BS! --- This is kinda true... But once you know somebody who seemed like one of these to you, it's gone.