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MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART TOKYO: Better known as MOT we couldn’t resist a trip inside, as the warmth of ATSUKO TANAKA’S multicoloured works make for a fascinating breather from the bleak weather. A retrospective of the late artists work, titled THE ART OF CONNECTING is on display until MAY 6TH, highlighting ATSUKO’S significance within the GUTAI movement.  by Vincent Levy


Atsuko Tanaka, “Work,” 1957, Courtesy and the Collection of Ashiya City Museum of Art & History ©Ryoji Ito.


Yoshihara Jiro, ‘Circle’, circa 1961-1963. Gutai. No movement was more primal than Gutai (which translates as “concreteness”), for no other culture on earth had been incinerated by the nuclear bomb. Rising phoenix-like from the ashes of Allied occupation, they upended convention through remarkable developments in painting, performance, installation, experimental film, and sound, kinetic, light, and environmental art