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Sorry, but it's important that you read the small print. Basically, they have guns, but no ammo. They also have some of the tightest gun regulation in the world.

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A good example of the gear and dress of the Rangers at San Elizario is this circa 1878 photo of Texas Rangers Andy and Tom Zickefoose, with an unidentified man in the middle. This is the only known photo taken of Salt War Rangers.

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Texas Gun Shop Returns with Hilarious Zinger That Puts Criminals & Politicians in Their Places: But I really do love this sign because it's high-larious!

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I support strong gun safety laws and background checks before a gun can be purchased EVEN at Gun Shows. #NoLoopholes #GunSafety

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Doc Scurlock ... gunfighter, cowboy, outlaw, associate of Billy the Kid and a key participant in the Bloody Lincoln County War. In 1880 he gave away his guns, moved to Tascosa where he settled down with a new wife and growing family. Eventually moving to Eastland County in 1919, Scurlock opened a candy store where he quietly lived out his remaining years, afraid he was still wanted by the law in NM.

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Capt. Junius June Peak in Ranger outfit, holding a Winchester 1873 rifle and wearing two Colt revolvers on holstered cartridge belts

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'Campus (Dildo) Carry': sex toy ban spurs protest over Texas gun laws | US news | The Guardian

New Texas gun control law allows concealed guns on campus

Bookshop’s prices shot down 10% for customers openly carrying guns

The utterly twisted logic employed by the gun lobby: Brave New Books in Austin is celebrating relaxation of Texas laws by offering a discount to shoppers who ‘open carry’

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