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Detalles acerca de Gulfstream G-650 Bimotor negocios Avión De Escritorio De Madera Modelo Sml- mostrar título original

GABRIELLE'S AMAZING FANTASY CLOSET | Gulfstream G-650 Twin-Engine Business Jet Airplane Desktop Wood Model SML


Interior of Gulfstream G650 - Michel's Jet is similar to this, cream carpet, wooden trim, very stylish.


Tour The Amazing $64.5 Million Gulfstream G650

G 650 cockpit; It uses infrared cameras and an Enhanced Vision System to make flying in bad weather conditions safer.


Gulfstream G-5; Until the G-650 came along, it was the fastest most luxurious and most expensive private jet available..


June 7, 2016 - Palaces in the sky: Opulent hotels with wings, pampered billionaires who wouldn't dream of setting foot in a run-of-the-mill first-class cabin on a commercial aircraft. - Gulfstream G-650: $70 million: The largest, fastest, most expensive jet made by the prestigious aerospace firm, the G-650 has a base price of $70 million but many buyers opt for fancy extras that can bump up the total cost into the hundreds of millions of dollars.