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from Guineapig Wheekly UK

Guineapig laundry : How to wash and care for fleece bedding

Isn't fleece guinea pig bedding so cute and colourful! It's safe to say that having your piggies on fleece is not only extremely stylish and oh so fancy but also beneficial for your guinea pigs hea...


Piece of fleece over the wood pellets. The fleece muffle the noise and create a softer surface, while wicking urine through the very absorbent pellets. Twice a day, I simply roll up the fleece, take it outside, shake off the poops and hay, and lay it back down all nice and clean. The cage is completely odor-free, even though I haven't changed the wood pellets for a full 3 weeks.


i wasn't aware that guinea pigs like stuffed animals. i'll have to put one in the new cage ... YES! They love them .. use them as pillows :) piggies love them. We wash them along with their beds each week.