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Guided Reading story sticks - students pulls a stick and answers the question from the read aloud


Use these during guided reading and teacher groups. Includes comprehension cards, character elements, fiction and non-fiction feature cards, Post-Its, bloom's buttons and reading strategy cards!

from Mrs. Richardson's Class

Organized Guided Reading and a FREEBIE

Awesome Guided Reading organizational tool! Every teacher needs this to get started! This binder makes it so simple!

from Learning at the Primary Pond

GRO: The Must-Have App For Teaching Guided Reading

I love this guided reading app - it was created by a teacher!! GRO helps with guided reading organization and anecdotal note-taking. It allows you to re-use lesson plans so you save a TON of time! You can even use it for teaching other small groups, like math. SO worth it!

from Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley

Guided Reading Notes

I made a new Guided Reading handout for my Guided Reading binder to keep track of my Guided Reading Notes.


Guided Reading: What's in your Drawer, Group 3?


Come take a look at how this Kindergarten teacher organizes her guided reading activities and tackles guided reading in her Kindergarten classroom! Grab the FREE guided reading lesson plan template and guided reading schedule!


Small Group Data Form Freebies 5 different options Creekside Teacher Tales


Must Do May Do System INSTEAD of rotating reading centers! So much better! Great blog with great ideas for guided reading time!