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Easy Chicken Pepian (Pepian de Pollo Fácil)

Easy Chicken Pepian (Pepian de Pollo Fácil): A Guatemalan recipe of roasted garlic, tomatillos and tomatoes combined with roasted pepitas and chile peppers for the sauce over chicken thighs.

Hilachas (Guatemalan Shredded Beef in Tomato-Tomatillo Sauce)

For Guatemala - Found online; posting for ZWT 7-Central America (Guatemala). Recipe states: Pair it with a side of rice and fresh corn tortillas for a full meal.


Enchilada Construction. Guatemalan Enchiladas are a far different thing that what is known in the US as an enchilada. Far healthier, with veggies, meat, egg and just a sprinkling of cheese.


Guatemalan Chile Rellenos

Guatemalan Chile Rellenos. If you like Guatemalan cooking visit our recipes or or why not visit a COOKING SCHOOL on your next trip to Guatemala, Find out more at: #Guatemalan Recipes Cooking Classes Guatemala #Chile Rellenos


Guatemala – Pollo Guisado (Spaniah Stewed Chicken)

Pollo Guisado (Spaniah Stewed Chicken) INGREDIENTS: 1 whole chicken cut into pieces, (could be small or larger) leave bone-in 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil 1 teaspoons of sugar 3 tablespoons of sa...